K2 Attachments Not Working

I had to wade through several forum posts before finding the information that helped me. The solution was then found here:


The K2 generated attachment links were not functioning properly. I found that if I changed the following code found in item.php (in my k2 templates) :

<a title=”<?php echo K2HelperUtilities::cleanHtml($attachment->titleAttribute); ?>” href=”<?php echo $attachment->link; ?>”><?php echo $attachment->title; ?></a>

to this:

<a title=”<?php echo htmlentities($attachment->titleAttribute, ENT_QUOTES, ‘UTF-8′); ?>” href=”<?php echo JRoute::_(‘media/k2/attachments/’.$attachment->filename); ?>” TARGET=”_blank”>

Everything worked!

I hope that helps someone else out there.

K2 Multi Categories?

It looks like a lot of people would like this feature, but unfortunately it is not built into the K2 content system.

I looked around at some third-party options and it looked like – at the time – K2MultiCat was the best option from USJoomlaPros. It cost around $50, which I thought was a justified price for something if it worked right.

At first everything worked great and their support was solid. But I ran into issues that couldn’t get resolved and ended up ditching them.

After more research I would recommend against using them if you have a large site with massive content. 

If you are running a small K2/Joomla site and you don’t use a ton of k2 content modules this plugin will work great for you.

Their support was great at first but it seems like Us Joomla Pros went downhill in the last few months. There were entire weeks before they replied to my emails.

Plus, when I went to stop using the plugin it broke my site.

Note: When deciding against using K2MultiCat, please Uninstall it completely. Simply disabling the plugin breaks many k2 permissions settings.

I hope they get it together because this is clearly a desired feature.

In the meantime I will be researching other multi-cat plugins.


*** Update ***

They did get back to me this most recent time with a reply the next day, and they are very friendly and helpful when you get ahold of them. I do like their support guy, friendly dude.

I’m still going to move on, I’ve spent far too much time on this plugin.


Welcome to Forrestt.com and screw you Maiahost.com

So i let my little side website, ‘ForresttWilliams.com’ expire. I had registered the domain years and years ago through Maiahost.com, who also hosted the site.

Since then I had run into some problems with Maiahost.com. They would let domains I registered through them expire without notifying me. I wrote some nasty emails to them but in the end I always renewed and continued hosting and registering through them.

I assumed that they would fix this bug of letting customer accounts expire completely without notifications, but alas, they did not.

ForresttWilliams.com expired and some douche bought it. Not only did they buy it when I wasn’t looking but they bought it through ‘DomainsbyProxy.com’ which kept their information private.

I logged onto Godaddy to try and purchase the domain back and it has it listed as a ‘Premium Domain’, which said was based on ‘Common keywords or phrases’.

Really?!?! ForresttWilliams.com?! I had NO traffic to my site and it is a very unique spelling to boot. I used it mostly to blog for personal reference and store data for transfers of big files.

I emailed domainsbyproxy and they would absolutely not play ball. It turns out that they are an affiliate company of GoDaddy and it looks like they just buy expired domains and just mark up the price.

Such bullshit.

So, I’m in the process of moving all my sites to a new server and ditching Maiahost.com for extremely poor service.

So welcome to Forrestt.com.

What a fucking hasle.

Originally written September, 2010

Carpal Tunnel and Musicians / Guitarists:

As a full time guitar player AND full time computer geek, my wrists took a beating this last year and I developed a nasty case of the Carpal Tunnel. I put down my guitar for about two months and it was a very dark time. But now I know there is light at the end of the carpel tunnel.

I wished that I had read something like this when I was first looking into it, but I mostly found people trying to sell you carpal tunnel cures and crap like that. Don’t pay people online to tell you this or sell you on their ebook.

It should be noted that there are only two ways of dealing with carpal tunnel: Surgery and Treatment.

Surgery is expensive but straight up cures carpal tunnel. So if you can do that it might be the best option. Unfortunately there are slight downsides and complications. I’ve read that sometimes the cartilage will heal back all funky and restrict your movement and range of motion. I’m no expert but I’ve read a ton of resources and that is an uncommon issue. Most people swear by it and are healed for good.

Treatment is exactly what I have done. Carpal Tunnel is not gone for me. I still have to do everything listed below in my five steps, but it is manageable to the point where I frequently forget I have it until it rears its ugly head. If you don’t have insurance and will be self treating, I hope that the steps below will be of use. I understand that everyone is different and that these might not work as well for some but they have done wonders for me.

1) Stretches:


I basically started doing as many as I could find and found the ones that worked for me. The only way that these are effective is if I maintain these morning stretches every single day. You do have to be very careful and not overstretch, these are nearly all gentle stretches. And try to only use the ones by actual physical therapists.

2) Topical Ointment:

All of the research has led me to Arnica. I tried a bunch of things but this seems to be the best. I use it all the time on the inside of my wrists and it works great! You can get it in different types at WholeFoods type stores or online. I bring it to gigs with me as well. It really helps.

3) Acupuncture

I know some of you are skeptical and it might be expensive but after a few months of acupuncture sessions once a week my symptoms are greatly alleviated. I actually attribute around 60% of my healing to acupuncture.

4) Ergonomics

Since I spend so much time working on a computer I got a new desk chair and made sure I was sitting correctly. I also bought a new keyboard and mouse:

Wowpen – the sideways style mouse. There are nicer ones out there (the Evoluent brand makes expensive ones) but these are awesome and you can get them for around $20 on ebay:


Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard – between $20 – $30 on ebay:


These have been an absolute lifesaver! The combination of the two has set my wrists at ease. I can’t live without them now. A regular keyboard literally hurts my wrists after about five minutes now because these two items have spoiled them.

5) Wrist Guards at Night

When I go to sleep is the only time I wear them now. I used to wear them around but once my symptoms were subsiding a little bit I stopped wearing them altogether. Then I started waking up in the morning and my hands were asleep again. Once I made a habit of wearing them while sleeping I don’t wake up with dead hands at all.


I hope these can be of some use to you and take care of your damn wrists people! You don’t know how important they are until they get angry with you.



Three scheduled recording sessions this last week all fell through the cracks at the last minute and not a damn thing actually got done.

I took my newly tricked out road bike for a spin today after finally getting the seat to sit right and realized that I am super out of shape. Gonna ride to to work everyday next week to get back in the groove.

Practiced guitar today for two hours and sucked the whole time. Not pulling off any good licks and flailing all over the place with even poor arpeggios.


Tomorrow will be a new day.



Disable Front Page Content with RocketTheme Templates

I couldn’t find this information anywhere to save my life. Here it is for those interested:

Theme options only work if the Home menu item is set to ‘featured articles’.

That’s why most of the solutions I found weren’t working. Make sure it is set to ‘featured-articles’ before trying to implement any of the various solutions found.

My solution was setting my theme to simply not display front page component.

Letter to the Editor published in New Times:

I know, sometimes satire comes across a little harsh. But Most people I’ve talked to tended to agree with me.

My letter first, the article it references below:


Dear Ana Korgan, I am deeply saddened to hear about your current predicament (“When dreams won’t come,” Nov. 22). Living rent free with your parents while working an internship in a privileged class town can be rough. I feel your pain.

While I haven’t lived with my parents since 18, I still can totally relate. Some of my odd and part-time jobs do not “existentially fulfill” me either. They do, however, allow me to purchase “well-crafted lattes.”

And while using the phrase “I’m just too smart for this shit” might sound like the definition of pretentious, I agree that arguing against blatant pompousness can be successful by simply pointing to your work ethic and job history.

Playing the role of martyr suits you well; maybe you’ll find a career in that?




The article in question:

When dreams won’t come

Being 20-something isn’t as fun as it used to be.


I thought I had Valley Fever recently. Turns out, I’m just really pissed off.

It’s mostly because I’m so broke. Forget buying new tires for my truck; or doing anything fun; or saving money for the future: I can’t even afford shampoo. Luckily, I could rock dreadlocks if need be.

What sucks, is that I don’t have time for a job. I’m busy working for free. Sorry … not for free, just for very little pay considering the effort. I covered an election party up in Paso. It took six hours of my time, required me to drive almost 60 miles, had me talking—or at least trying—to a bunch of people I’d never met before about something I knew nothing about, and kept me up until 1 a.m.

I shouldn’t complain. This gig—interning for New Times—has its benefits. The kids who work here are brilliant. I’ve gained friends. I’m making contacts within the community. And whenever somebody mentions that they read one of my articles, it makes me feel … well … good about myself. So, I guess this place—a windowless, basement office with offensively florescent lighting—serves as the arena for some type of existential fulfillment. As a philosophy major, that’s all that one can really ask for.

But I am completely bored out of my mind; I’ve never felt so under-stimulated. Part of it has to do with the lack of funds and the inability to afford anything other than going to the office. The other part has to do with the fact that I’m really bad at this news journalism thing. It’s just not a burning passion for me. Reporting the news means fairly and adequately representing parties on both sides of an argument and essentially the responsibility of public influence. Serving as an objective agent between A and C is a heavy burden to carry.

I’d much rather be a hip-hop mogul. I’ve heard more provocative, socially relevant things in rap songs than I’ve read in any philosophy book, newspaper, or novel. The problem with this career aspiration is that I can’t rap. It’s harder than it seems. I’m fairly well-articulated in prose, and haven’t any problem saying outlandish or “inappropriate” things, but when it comes to spitting rhymes, I’m reserved and overly self-conscious. So, unless I’m graced with iambic pentameter overnight, this job is the best outlet I have for getting my opinions out to the people. And for it I am grateful.

Unfortunately, existential fulfillment doesn’t pay the bills. I’m fortunate enough to have a mom and dad who are in a position to let me live with them for free, and I do. I appreciate this, and while I’d rather live anywhere else, it pains me that I can’t at least throw them $100 for rent. And herein lies my catch-22. I could get a job as, say, a barista that would enable me to buy shampoo and be a little more socially contributive, in terms of taxes or whatever. But why? Why spend time refining skills that I don’t want to refine; skills that aren’t really going to get me where I want or need to go with my career and my life? Why spend time on something that is going to take away from that which will make me a better, happier, more successful person?

Don’t get me wrong; I really, really appreciate a well-crafted latte. But shouldn’t such jobs be left for those who enjoy them, and who can’t get a job elsewhere, due to lack of education? And please, do not accuse me of superiority or acting as though certain work is “beneath” me. I’ve got a list of remedial physical labor jobs I’ve held and plenty of people who can attest to them. I’ve no sense of superiority; I work for free, damn it! And, not only do I come into work wearing outfits that are ironed, I am one of the first people to show up at the office in the mornings. I’ve no lack of tenacity or work ethic. I’m just too smart for this shit.

I appreciate you, reader; having made it this far into this commentary. I realize I’m not the only person of my age, competency, education, or mindset in this predicament. I realize we’re all tired of the lament of the underemployed. But thing is, I’ve worked hard for the opportunity to say my piece. I’ve earned the right to a forum other than Facebook.

I wish I had some great insight to bestow upon the readership of this publication that would help to turn America’s economy and job market toward growth and vigor. This problem, this stagnancy of America’s general well-being, is everybody’s problem. I am part of an entire generation drastically under-employed. What is to happen in another 20 to 30 years, when our parents need taking care of and the current leaders of corporations are retiring? Who’s going to take care of things? Who is going to run this country? Not us. We’ll be under-experienced and too busy slinging coffee for 20-something-year old CEOs.

But great insight I have not. I’m 25 years old, struggling with my own youthful tribulations and frankly haven’t the experience with public policy to craft some type of stimulus plan. So, I hope this column can serve as a call-to-arms of sorts; to give my fellow youthful compatriots not hope, but a resurgence of confidence and to ask the preceding generations, on behalf of every person between the age of 18 and 30, that you be empathetic and encouraging toward us. Throw us a bone. Because this whole being unemployed and living with your parents thing … it isn’t sexy.

Intern Ana Korgan entertains all reasonable employment opportunities. Contact her at akorgan@newtimesslo.com.


News and Carpal Tunnel:

Hello everyone, how are you?

We are working against the grain still to try and achieve what you all helped us start. We are still in the process of recording and will be for a little while longer. Here’s why:

I am battling against a developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. It all started around August 20th – after a week of six gigs, recording sessions and rehearsals I awoke to find my hands asleep and would not wake up.

In the last month and a half I have cancelled all but one gig and have stopped playing to let my hands rest. I have been laying low and seeking all possible treatments and therapies available to me. My hands are feeling better and I have agreed to playing a few shows in October to test the waters and see how well my hands have healed up.

What that means is that while we haven’t stopped production on the album we are lagging because much of the work that needs to be done awaits final guitar tracks before moving forward.

We’re like the band that almost could! Between Hilary’s voice issues and my hand issues we are a crippled bunch!

But never fear, we will overcome and deliver (eventually) a CD that was worth the wait! We are going to channel all of our emotions into this recording and we will be able to produce something we are all very proud of.

Thank you all, and we’ll talk soon.

Forrestt Williams

Photo by Sharaya Olmeda